John J. Kaweske

John J. Kaweske, a financial expert and leader in the wealth management industry. He has made a splash by managing assets into the millions and even billions. Graduating from Georgia Tech with his bachelors degree in industrial management, and his masters degree in business administration from the University of Wyoming. Kaweske began a long, successful career in wealth management.

He first started at American Express as a portfolio manager, during the five years he was employed here, he was able to exceed $100 million in managed assets. Not only did Kaweske have a successful career with American Express, he also worked at Financial Programs for a number of years. John J. Kaweske worked with Financial Programs for nine years where he worked as a portfolio manager and exceed just around $4 billion in managed assets. According to the New York Times, “$3.4 billion in assets; best five-year performance for an equity-income fund. Manager since 1985. ” As a top portfolio manager, Kaweske understood his potential and took everything he had obtained from school, and work experience to lead and manage a fund.

After a great career as a portfolio manager, John moved to become the President of Global Health Services, a fund which focuses on Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Technology services. The three years at Global Health Services set John up for his current tenure, President of Mancia Inc. He has been with the company for just about twelve years now, and hopes to end his outstanding career with the company.